Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tissue Paper Valentines

I really love the way tissue paper looks when used on cards. The transparency and the way it sticks up off the page make it so much prettier than construction paper. It does tear more easily, but I think it's worth the extra effort. More photos after the jump...

The fact that strawberries are already heart-shaped and red makes them perfect for valentines.

Lesson learned: Don't glue tissue paper onto tissue paper. Even if you're using clear glue it will still show after it dries. Instead, for this pineapple, I glued the yellow part down first and then glued the green piece, but didn't put any glue on the part that overlaps the yellow.

I used color pencils to add details like the stem and leaves on the apples.

Going away from the fruit theme: some heart balloons, just because I thought they would look nice!

Fruit valentines

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