Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chapel Hill Eats: Sandwhich

Avocado sandwich with homemade chips.
Sandwhich is one of my favorite casual dining restaurants in Chapel Hill. As the name implies, they have a variety of unique sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and they also serve hamburgers, hot dogs, soups, and salads. I've liked every item I've tried on their menu and I have lunch here almost every week. It's the best! I've listed some menu items I love below...

The goat cheese BLT was the special this week.

I'm not that into onion rings, but these are great (and crispy!)
...They disappeared quickly.
The avocado sandwich, my favorite!
Menu items are in the $7-10 range, although you do have to order sides separately. The Whichburger is only $5 on Thursdays!

Favorite Sandwich: Avocado sandwich- vegetarian, served on sourdough with avocados, red onions, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayo.

Favorite Side: Homemade chips, but the fries are a close second! (the fries are twice cooked and they give you a lot of them!)

Favorite Dessert: Peanut butter cookie sandwich

Favorite Drink: Moroccan-Style iced tea (green tea with mint and sage)
I love the atmosphere inside.
They have really great outdoor seating!
The lack of people is a result of going on a Wednesday at 2 pm. If you go during lunchtime on a weekend it's usually quite crowded. 
Keep in mind that they're closed on Mondays, but they did just start serving Sunday brunch!

It's such a great lunch spot and you can really tell that the ingredients they use are fresh, the food is made from scratch and there are a lot of healthy options (although I can't resist some of the not-so-healthy ones)! I'd highly recommend stopping by if you're in the Chapel Hill area. 

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