Monday, August 25, 2014

The Cloisters

On Sunday, we visited The Cloisters, a branch of the Met in northern Manhattan which showcases medieval art (and is just a short subway ride from us!). Both the art and the setting were lovely. The museum itself was made to look like medieval architecture. Some parts are new, while others were reconstructed from pieces of old cloisters shipped over from Europe. The property contains several gardens and a beautiful view of the Hudson River! The museum has a suggested donation, but is pay as you wish. 

More photos after the jump...

The view on the walk up to the museum.


I was intrigued by this guy, who turned out to be an acrobat. 

There were even some medieval cobwebs!

I can't wait to visit in different seasons to see how the scenery and foliage changes! It would also be a nice place to bring a picnic (not inside the museum itself, of course!)


  1. How fun :) I live in California and I've never seen the statue of liberty! Crazy...right?!

  2. I love your insider-tip in regards to the ferry! I wish we had done that when we were in the city last month!