Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lace Pumpkin DIY

I've been wanting to make a lace pumpkin for a while now and while it may not be the most traditional of pumpkin decor, it sure does look pretty! It's fairly easy to pull together too! Instructions after the jump...

White acrylic paint (if your pumpkin is not already white)
Lace ribbon
Glue (the stronger the better! especially if your lace ribbon is thick!)

1. Paint the entire pumpkin white, including the stem. Let dry.

2. Begin cutting and gluing pieces of lace ribbon, following the natural lines of the pumpkin. I did one piece of lace for about every 2 or 3 lines, but you can adjust depending on how many lines are on your pumpkin and how far apart they are. 

4. Using the twine create a double knot around the bottom of the stem of your pumpkin (as shown above). Cut off the excess twine, and begin wrapping the rest of the twine around the stem going all the way to the top. Wrap the end of the twine around the piece below it and tuck in to hide the end piece. Cut a shorter piece of twine and create a bow around the bottom of the stem. 


I love the way this pumpkin turned out! The twine gives it a bit of a rustic feel!

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