Friday, April 18, 2014

Self-Tanner Mishaps

With Spring in full swing, it's officially shorts and sandals weather! I always protect my skin by breaking out the SPF and using self-tanner instead of getting a "real" tan. Often people critique self-tanners because they can be too orangey or apply unevenly. While this does happen sometimes, I've found that if you make a mistake it's fairly easy to correct with something you probably already have in your refrigerator...

lime (or lemon) juice!

Before: Streak by the ankle (I did an AWFUL job applying the self-tanner this time. Not ideal.)

All you have to do is put some lime juice on a paper towel or an old washcloth (that you don't care about) and the self-tanner will rub right off. You have to press down fairly hard and rub in a circular motion. 
You'll see the results on the paper towel.
 And after: no more streaks!

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