Monday, July 28, 2014

Travelogue: County Kerry, Ireland

I've been looking through old photos and thought it would be fun to share a few travelogues from previous trips! First up, a few photos from County Kerry, Ireland. In 2012, I studied abroad for a semester in Cork, Ireland. These photos are from a hiking trip with the UCC Mountaineering Club. This was the only hike I went on with the club and it was quite strenuous (at least for me, maybe not for a real mountaineer). The views were 100% worth it though, I would've liked to have tried another hike but I was either exhausted or traveling most weekends during my study abroad. The "hill" we climbed was called Boughil (I would've considered it a small mountain, at least, but everyone referred to it as a hill) 

We took a bus to County Kerry from Cork, parked on the side of the road and walked along the road to the bottom of Boughil.

Then, we began our hike up and over the mountain. 

The incline was steep and there was no path to follow.

 When we finally reached the top it was foggy.

...But the view was still spectacular!

We were even treated to a (faint) rainbow in the valley below

This photo serves as a reminder to wear your hair in a ponytail when hiking mountains in windy, rainy, foggy, and otherwise terrible weather conditions.

After lunch we began our descent, which included hopping streams and walking through brush higher than my waist. 100% of people fell down at least once.

...And, there were sheep!

We ended the day cold, tired, and covered in mud. It was such a beautiful experience, though, and I would definitely do it again (although maybe get in better shape beforehand). There are other ways to tour this gorgeous area of Ireland if hiking isn't possible or just isn't your style. Many people drive themselves or take a bus tour of the Ring of Kerry. There are also plenty of cute Bed & Breakfasts to stay in along the way!


  1. So beautiful! I really want to do a long walking vacay in Ireland and all parts of the UK! These pictures just made me totally excited! I love ending a day covered in mud :)

    1. A walking tour of the UK and Ireland would be so fun! I agree, ending the day covered in mud = a successful day.

  2. LOVE your progress so far and your vision for what you want your stairs to look like–it’s going to look amazing! I can’t wait to meet you next month at Haven!

  3. What a beautiful camping trip! I can’t wait to bring this recipe next time I go camping, thanks for sharing! Beautiful blog too…love the name