Monday, August 11, 2014


On Saturday we ventured to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg (Where different vendors set up stands in Williamsburg every Saturday to sell food. Like a food truck rodeo but without the trucks).  A few tips if you're planning on going:

1. If you're as indecisive as I am, particularly when it comes to food, check out the website in advance to get a general idea of what you might want to try. I didn't do this and ended up wandering around in circles for quite a while, overwhelmed by the number of choices. 
2. Bring water with you. It's summer, it's usually hot, and if you forget to refill your water bottle you may end up purchasing 2 or more lemonades which are delicious but not necessary. And which sometimes come with a donut for only $1 extra.  
3. If your food-related interests include trying a ramen burger, fries, or ice cream sandwiches, be prepared to wait in line. The lines for those 3 things were crazy. 
4. It will be annoyingly crowded. Be prepared for the usual crowded-spot-in-the-city frustrations. The good news: once you move away from the food stands, there's plenty of room to sit and eat!

We ate enough for 2 meals and everything was great! I do feel like if I had researched in advance, I would have had a better idea of what the best food available was. 

Ramen burger from here,  fries with lemon garlic aioli from here.

Mexican sandwich from here.

Besides eating yummy food, this spot is also perfect for taking in a beautiful view of Manhattan. Complete with some fairly ugly construction signs/fences and tall lamp posts (which are solar-powered, so that's kind of cool). I love a good slightly-obstructed view of the city skyline:

Anyway, I think it is worth battling the crowds because food is always worth it. I'd recommend going (on an empty stomach)!

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