Friday, November 28, 2014

Gift Guide: For Everyone

1. A bocce ball set is fun to play at the beach (or in the backyard!). This silver and gold set is especially pretty, but you could also go with a cheaper version

2. This copper cocktail shaker is gorgeous. (Copper everything, please!)

3. ENO hammocks are easily portable for taking a relaxing nap just about anywhere.

4. These hexagonal mirrors are such a cool decoration, they come in a set of 10 that can be arranged any way you like. 

5. This bamboo tablet stand would be great for watching videos or reading recipes. It can be adjusted to 3 different angles!

6. Everyone could use an extra throw blanket, especially if it's an ombre one! 

Last year's gift guide for everyone!


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  2. Hey nice post Erin and thanks for your gift guide. :)