Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Decorating with Leftover Christmas Tree Branches

When we get our Christmas tree each year, we always end up having to cut off a few branches so that it fits in the stand (and so it's not touching the ceiling!). This year I saved those extra branches, because why let something that smells that good go to waste? I decided to make a few decorations to hang around the house using just three things: tree branches, copper wire, and paper snowflakes. They were super easy to make and would have probably taken 10 minutes, had I not been so particular about my snowflakes (and spent at last 3 times that amount of time perfecting them...ha!) 

1. Pick out a few branches of varying shapes and remove any extra bits from the end so that you have a clear space for you snowflakes. 

2. Cut paper snowflakes. I first cut white paper into 2 x 2 inch squares then folded the squares into triangles either 2 or 3 times before cutting. 

3. Measure out the amount of copper wire you'll need. I cut the copper wire about twice as long as the part of the branch that I was going to put it on, 

4. Wrap copper wire around the branch (starting at the bottom of the area you're going to be working with). Then thread copper wire through the middle of the snowflake and loosely wrap it up and around the branch again. Be careful not to make it too tight or you may tear the snowflake. Continue working your way up the branch, adding more snowflakes as you go. 

5. When you get to the top of the branch, wrap the copper wire around several more times and then create a loop from which you can hang the branch. Done! 

I think these look really nice hanging on a mantle above a fireplace or on a door knob. You could even hang them from a light fixture!

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